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Character sheet from Meimei

 Elf Name : Ashglow
 Position in Tribe : Hunter/Guard
 Soul Name : Kyin
 Sex : Male
 Tribe : Wolfrider/Sunvillager
 Origin : One of his granparents were the offspring of Behtia and Wing, the other a full Sun Villager. However, they left the Sun Village before his birth and he knows nothing about it.
 Age : 425
 Recognized : none
 Lifemates : none
 Children : none
 Parents : Windcat, father (dec), Duneshade, mother (dec)
 Siblings : Starpath, halfbrother. Nightsun, halfsister
 Wolf : none yet
 Physical Description : Strong, sturdy, and quite muscular (think Treestump), with shoulder-lenght goldenbrown hair. His hair is thick, if a bit wild, and held back by a headband. Sun villager dark with average slanted baby blue eyes, a snub nose, and thin mouth. Ashglow often looks like a bit of a grouch. He wears pants, a tunic, a loincloth, and moccassins made him by Nightsun. Though he doesn't know it, his outfit holds a few hints of his tribe's sunvillage origins.
 Personality/History : Ashglow mother, Duneshade, was born while their tribe was still trying to find the sunvillage. She had faint memories of the elders trying to find their way back. She never spoke of it, but the sorrow of knowing they had lost their home, and had kin they'd never see stayed with her all her life. She was overjoyed by Ashglow's birth. But died while out gathering alone before Ashglow had even gone on his soulquest. Windcat would later have two more children. And Ashglow was always protective of them both, remembering his mother's tragic loss. He worries most for Nightsun, for sometimes her head seems in the clouds. He and Starpath snuck along behind her on her soulquest because they feared for her safety. This action saved the three siblings lives from the sickness that swept through their small tribe. Ashglow's lovemate Redwing, however, was not so fortunate. Though the loss hurt him deeply, Ashglow kept his mind on the present, and the immediate concern of survival. Nightsun's sudden insistance that they follow her on an eerily unerring path, and the new tribe of elves that she's led them to has thrown him off. He's suspicious of the strangers, and more determined than ever to keep his siblings safe. Ashglow seems a grouch, but that's mainly because he's suspicious of their new tribe. And because he's very concerned about his siblings. Both Nightsun and Starpath can easily make him smile. He's protective and determined. He doesn't have time for frivolous things, but he doesn't look down upon those who do. He finds the fact that Nightsun keeps their mother's mother's necklace sweet. And finds amusement sometimes in the oddest of places.
 Jewelry/Weapons : Hatchet, Arrowwhip. He doesn't wear jewelry, however, as he considers if frivolous
 Magic : sending
 Non-Magic Skills : Agility, climbing and an acute sense of smell.