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Character sheet from Anna

Holt Mistress

 Elf Name : Nightsun
 Position in Tribe : Gatherer
 Soul Name : Treya
 Sex : Femal
 Tribe : Wolfrider/Wanderer
 Origin : Wanderer
 Age : 344
 Recognized :
 Lifemates :
 Children :
 Parents : Father, Windcat. Mother, Shadowbird
 Siblings : Brothers Ashglow and Starpath
 Wolf :
 Physical Description : Hair: Blue-black, straight and extremely thick. Worn with a side part, and otherwise loose, and about hip-length. Eyes: Amber-gold, wide and round. Skin tone: Sun Villager dark. Height: 3’11” Build: Very voluptuous, full breasts, wide hips, narrow waist, shapely legs. She looks soft and lush. Appearance: She has a round, soft face with a small nose, full lips, and wide, round eyes. Her body type is Shen-shen, and her coloring is Rayek. Clothes Summer: Basic soft, leather tunic. There’s not decoration and the style is functional…and that’s about it. Shoes are simple, bag-like moccasins. Winter: A fur robe worn over the summer outfit, with fur wrapped around her feet before being covered in the bag moccasins.
 Personality/History : Personality: Nightsun is an unnerving blend of cloudheaded dreamer and solid practicality. She seems to move through a dream and doesn’t appear to be quite in touch with the world. Sometimes her comments or responses to questions appear to have little relevance to the topic of conversation – and sometimes she seems to be having conversations with thin air. Yet, despite an almost perpetual apparently state of dreamlike bemusement, she manages to accomplish quite a bit of necessary tasks. Clothing is mended, foodstuffs are gathered, nets are woven, hides are tanned, basic clothes and footwear are made, herbs are gathered and prepared, and injuries are tended. Physically, she’s very much on solid earth. Mentally she’s up where the oxygen gets thin. Others would assume she’s simple or unbalanced, except her sends are perfectly sane, and her comments are often insightful. Nightsun is quite sweet-natured, with a gentle, compassionate heart. That’s why she can’t hunt; she can’t bear to cause pain, however fleeting, in another. She’s a very poor herbalist for the same reason, but does it because she’s had no choice. Gathering and preparing the herbs are no problem, but helping someone who’s been injured…? It is hard for her. Once Nightsun joined Stormfire’s tribe, and was initiated herself, she gladly volunteered to be one of the tribe’s initiators. She has an open, loving nature and greatly enjoys the physical expression of that. Happy people make her feel good, so she tries to make people happy – or avoid those who aren’t. Nightsun has a very odd reaction to death, and this frequently causes others to become angry with her. While others mourn, Nightsun rejoices. Death, to her, is not an ending, but a new beginning. Her unique perspective is a result of her rare gift of being a spirit talker. Nightsun spends a great deal of her time sensing and communicating, very clearly, with the departed spirits of elves. With the palace of the High Ones currently not around, even the pure-blood elves are wandering the world waiting for its return so they can shelter there. This talent, however, has not yet been identified by others, and she hasn’t chosen to advise them of it. History: Nightsun’s grandparents, and three friends, were born in the Sun Village more than three thousand years ago. Her grandfather was the son of Wing, a Wolfrider, and Behtia, a Sun Villager. Long after he grew to adulthood, and after the Wolfriders settled into their long sleep, he decide to look for more elves outside of the Sun Village. His lifemate and three of their friends chose to go with him, confident that after a few seasons of searching they’d return to the familiarity and security of the Sun Village. Unfortunately, they had a really poor sense of direction and were unable to find their way back, and spent the remainder of their lives wandering the world. Children were born, matured, and mated amongst themselves. However, none of the wanderers had any of the High Ones magic. Memories of the Sun Village faded, and eventually they stopped speaking of it. By the time the grandchildren were born, their origins were never even discussed or thought of. When a sudden sickness swept through the small band, only Nightsun and her brothers were spared, since they were away from the others on Nightsun’s quest for her soulname. Her brothers weren’t supposed to be with her, but they’d trailed protectively behind her – just in case. Nightsun, Ashglow, and Starpath mourned the loss of their family, but continued in the only life they knew: wandering randomly, wherever the whim took them. Nightsun was content to go where her brothers led – so they were both surprised when she suddenly insisted that they follow her on a path that was arrow-straight and unerring. When Nightsun met led them to a group of elves, her brothers were shocked, suspicious, and wary. Nightsun, however, greeted them like old friends and assumed easy acceptance among them.
 Jewelry/Weapons : Jewelry: A gold sun pendant worn on a leather thong around her neck, inherited from her grandmother.
 Magic : Spirit-talking
 Non-Magic Skills : General domestic type skills, but expert in none.