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 Wingfoot, Elder/Weapon-Maker

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Westering Holt
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Wingfoot, Elder/Weapon-Maker Empty
PostSubject: Wingfoot, Elder/Weapon-Maker   Wingfoot, Elder/Weapon-Maker EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:23 pm

Wingfoot of Westering Holt
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Wingfoot / Stickerback

Soul Name: Freyn

Sex: Male

Race: Wolfrider (elf)


Age: 578

Soulsiblings/Recognized: (tbd)

# # # #

Lifemate(s): TBD

Lovemate(s): (tbd)

Children: Yes (tbd)

Parents: Pinecone, father; Shell, mother

Siblings: Several

Bondbeast: Tip-Ears, female wolf

# # # #

Hair: Brown, worn to the nape; has “face-fur” that edges his jawline and chin, with a mustache.

Eyes: Dark brown, narrow

Skin tone: Pale.

Height: 4’0

Build: Slim, with a muscular build. While not musclebound, Wingfoot is still quite well-developed.

Appearance: Wingfoot has a square face, narrow eyes, a slightly aquiline nose, and a thin mouth with an overbite. His expression appears open and unwary.

Summer: A sleeveless vest in tan leather, belted at the waist over dark brown trousers with fur-trimmed, knee-high boots in tan leather.
Winter: A fur vest over a brown shirt tucked into brown trousers and tan knee-high boots lined with fur.

Jewelry: Silver wrist-cuffs on both wrists.

For the hunt: Sword and club.
For war: Sword and club.

# # # #

Talent: Sending; wolf bonding.

Skills: Hunting, tracking, and foraging; mechanical lore (Wingfoot is a weapon-maker for the tribe); flint-knapping; wood carving; rope-making.

# # # #

Likes: A job well done; good materials to work with; a good hunt, a good howl, and good company; and a chance to get better materials for his tools.

Dislikes: Trolls. He doesn’t trust them any farther than he could throw them.

# # # #


Wingfoot got his name for being quick and light on his feet despite his size. He’s tall for a Wolfrider, and no one expects him to be so swift. But Wingfoot has had several names in his life, and some pertained to his skill at making almost any kind of weapon—from flint-bladed knives and axes to spears, bows and arrows. Give him a tool, and Wingfoot will do his best to duplicate it or improve on it.

While not exactly taciturn, Wingfoot keeps his speech short unless he really has something to say. He has immense patience with tribemates over making their tools, but not a lot with elves who think the moment he starts knapping an axe head would be a perfect time to start up a conversation. He is quite even-tempered; he rarely gets angry unless he’s pushed beyond his endurance, and much of his anger is expressed in sarcastic replies. Nor is he a big laugher; he smiles more than he laughs.

Where Wingfoot differs from some of the Wolfrider elders is that he has an insatiable curiosity about the world, and it’s something he’d like to pass on to Stormfire. While not about to advise her to risk her life, Wingfoot does plan to encourage her to make new friends and alliances for the Wolfriders when the chance arises. He doesn’t want a chief hidebound in tradition; he wants a chief who’ll occasionally stick her neck out if it will better the tribe.

Wingfoot’s cub name was “Stickerback,” for the way his hair stuck up (and still does) like a sticker-back’s, in all directions. He started making arrows when he was six, and knew how to knap flint and harden wooden stakes by the time he was fifteen. His weapon-making skills were honored by the tribe, and Wingfoot’s duties have hardly changed since.

Despite not being a glib charmer or otherwise outgoing, Wingfoot has had his share of mates. His cubs are grown; some have died. But when Sureshot’s youngest cub Stormfire decided to start a new holt, Wingfoot decided to follow her—not only for the adventure, but because he knew she’d need someone who would support her and offer her help. He intends to do just that, and look out after the rest of his “new” tribe as well.

Outlook on Life: There’s no use staying in one place as long as you can move.

Thing to Remember: Wingfoot isn’t grumpy. He simply doesn’t have much to say.

Sees Self As: An elder badly needed by a group of cubs and half-grown striplings.

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Wingfoot, Elder/Weapon-Maker
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